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Valentine's Rockets

Looking for a unique Valentine to make with your kids? Try these fun rocket ships this year.

I have to give credit to my 5 year old--these were all her brainstorm. We love drinking the smoothies from Chobani, so this year, she thought it would be great to reuse the bottles and repurpose them into fun Valentine's goody holders. I think they turned out super cute, and we had a blast making them together.

Step 1: Clean Bottles

Make sure to wash the bottle thoroughly. Place in the top rack of the dishwasher for best results. Like I mentioned earlier, we used these smoothie bottles, but other type will work as well. Peel the labels off and remove the plastic ring.

Step 2: Paint the Bottle Caps

We used spray paint that adheres to plastic, but you can also paint them with acrylic paints. We chose to keep the bottles white, but you could also paint them with whatever design you wish.

Step 3: Make the Rocket Fins

Choose your color of card stock paper, then draw the fins as shown in the picture below. We made ours about two inches long. Cut out the triangle, then fold back a small portion to add glue to in the next step.

Step 4: Make the Cards

Print out cards for the rocket ship that you've made or get pre-made ones at the store. Get our free Valentine's Card Template here. Cut them out and punch a hole for the ribbon.

Step 5: Glue, Decorate, and Fill

Glue the fins on the opposite sides of the bottle with hot glue. (We used the seam along the bottle as a guide to get them right in the middle on each side.) Add stickers or paint to decorate. I found these cute rhinestone hearts in the scrapbook section and thought they made a cute window. If painting, make sure to let dry over night. Fill the bottle with candy or treats!

Step 6: Add Cap and Cards

You're ready to finish the rockets off! Add the cap so the candy doesn't fall out. Then use curling ribbon to tie the card around the neck of the bottle. Curl the ends of the ribbon and you're done!


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