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4 Spring Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Need some cute ideas to inspire your students this spring? Try some of these ideas to get their creativity rolling!

1. Design an Egg:

My daughter loves to color and design her own Easter eggs. This fun FREE printable is a great way to let students roll up their creativity sleeves while learning about the holiday or season.

2. Make a Bunny Craft:

Use what you have around the classroom to cut and paste a cut bunny for spring. I used google eyes, pipe cleaners, and buttons to make the face, and cut out the shape of the bunny with our printable.

3. Bunny Headbands:

Have a spring or Easter program of classroom party coming up? Let students create their own cute headband to celebrate. Let students get out the glitter glue and cotton balls to decorate their bunny headbands.

4. Parts of a Flower:

Spring is full of insects, plants, and flowers. Having your students plant their own garden is a great way to learn about the season. If you need an extension activity, let them cut and paste the parts of a flower as well for more hands on learning.


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