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8 Classroom Activities for Valentines

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

If you're looking for fun Valentine's activities for your class, check out some of these ideas.

Valentine's Sight Words

Use construction paper to cut out a large heart. Then cut out smaller hearts to glue on top. Choose the sight words you want your students to practice. I chose five, but you can make as many smaller hearts as you want. Cut out small rectangles for the matching cards. Let students match like words together with different colored pom pom balls or buttons. Or simply have students stack the card on top of the heart. This activity works great in centers or let students create their own to take home with them.

Valentine's Cat

Cut out various size construction paper hearts for the face, nose, and paws. Use small triangles with rounded corners for the ears. Then cut a rectangle shape for the body and fold in half. Glue a pipe cleaner in the middle, then glue the paper shut. This will allow you to shape the cat body into an arch and let the cat stand up without falling over. Add google eyes, whiskers, a pipe cleaner nose, and you've got a super cute Valentine's cat!

Fine Motor Skills Heart Bracelet

Use pony beads to string on a pipe cleaner. Choose several colors to make your pattern. Carefully shape the pipe cleaner with beads into a heart, then twist the ends together to keep the beads from coming off. Weave the ends of the pipe cleaner back into the last beads so there wouldn't be any sharp edges. You little ones will love these cute heart bracelets!

Cute as a Button

Who doesn't love cute button crafts? Cut heart-shaped construction paper for the wings, then glue heart-shaped buttons on top. Glue the wings onto a big, colorful button, then glue a pom pom ball on top. Add google eyes and a cute adhesive rhinestone for the nose. This little bug is cute as a button!

Valentine's Heart

You'll need heart-shaped doilies or cut out construction paper, various buttons, stickers, or other ribbons and trims. Get creative as you make your hearts. Glue buttons or rhinestones, or add stickers instead. Finish your hearts off with cute sequin trim or ribbon.

Heart Buddy

Cut a large heart out of construction paper. Cut various sized hearts for the hands, feet, and bow (or bow tie). Cut small strips of paper for the arms and legs and fold them accordion-style. Glue all the pieces together, then decorate. Give your buddy a face with google eyes, pom pom ball nose, and glitter pens. Add a cute heart button to the bow and your buddy is ready!

Painting a Valentine's Bug

Paint an empty cardboard toilet paper tube. Let it dry overnight. Then cut heart-shaped wings out of construction paper and glue on the back of the tube. Add pipe cleaner antennae. Give your little bug google eyes and a rhinestone nose to finish!

Love Bug

Cut two sizes of heart-shaped wings out of construction paper. glue them together, then insert them inside the clothespin. You might want to add a little glue to make sure the wings don't fall out. Top with cute rhinestones and google eyes, and you've got an adorable little love bug!

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